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Adoption not Destruction

The Friends of the Hound Greyhound Adoption Group is dedicated to the welfare of Greyhounds.

Our mission is to create public awareness of the Greyhound as a gentle, affectionate dog and excellent family pet and to rescue and re-home as many beautiful Greyhounds as possible. We advocate the ADOPTION NOT DESTRUCTION motto.

Through a program of promotion and education, we aim to dispel the misconceptions about Greyhounds and increase public awareness of their plight. Greyhounds are not just race dogs, they make lovely family pets and companions and are suitable dogs for suburban homes and people of all ages.

The Friends of the Hound Greyhound Adoption Group is volunteer-based and not-for-profit, relying solely on fundraising and donations, the generosity of our local community and the efforts of our members, to achieve our aims.

All dogs rehomed through Friends of the Hound are desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.  They are rehomed with their own warm coat, collar, lead and muzzle.

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Help Our Community Raise Money for FOTH

cid_112Some members of our amazing community are helping Friends of the Hound by running their own fundraising drives.

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