May 2019

AGM & Hound Fun Day May 2019

AGM & Hound Fun Day 2019

The AGM & Hound Fun Day was a great success!

A beautiful day with Hounds and their humans enjoying the sunshine.
If you're anything like us then there is no such thing as too many Greyhound pics.
So here you go... You're welcome ;)

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Koa tri paw pup

Lucky pup – Koa the tri-paw

FOTH recently had a call from a racing industry participant in Brisbane with a 12 week old pup with an injured leg. They believed he had suffered tendon damage, and stated, “You know if we take him to the Vet they will just want to put him down”.
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Osteosarcoma in Greyhounds

Osteosarcoma in Greyhounds

Frequently, the dog presents with lameness with or without other signs such as lethargy and weight loss. Many owners notice their dog limping and assume it has hurt itself whilst playing.
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Sisters reunited - Elsie & Freda

Sisters reunited – meet Elsie & Freda

I had met rescue greyhounds at the Brisbane Ekka several years ago, all laying so relaxed on sofas in the dog exhibit. Their carers patiently told me of the plight of these beautiful, calm Greyhounds. That stayed with me, and I was always fortunate to speak to people that owned Greyhounds and every story was the same.... gentle, full of love, and usually a bit goofy.
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