July 2019

Remember Tim

Tim, our six million dollar dog (almost!)

Remember Tim?
Last year, this beautiful boy was surrendered to our program but when Lisa met the trainer in Brisbane to collect Tim he was lame. We were not aware of this before taking him, but he had apparently suffered a fractured hock months previously. FOTH arranged for his leg to be surgically repaired and undertook the after-care. Unfortunately, it wasn’t without problems - he had a pressure sore on his foot and later developed a bone infection.

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Discs don't slip - our latest physio news

Discs Don’t Slip!

Back pain is a condition that I see extensively in people and in dogs alike and in both patient groups, it can be debilitating.

In people, it is one of the most common causes of sick leave on an annual basis. There is a plethora of terms to describe back pain including ‘slipped disc’, ‘disc herniation’, ‘disc disease’ and ‘intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)’. All of these terms can evoke fear in patients and owners alike, resulting in the condition being mismanaged by many.

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