June 2020

Neck warmers

Knit a Neck Warmer Campaign

With the help of Animal Rescue Craft Guild and our wonderful supporters the total number of neck warmers we received is 648! – from Australia, New Zealand, England and America

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Pinky the Greyhound

Pinky’s adoption story

Prior to getting a dog, I did many of those online questionnaires that help you decide what dog to get. And every questionnaire returned the same response: Greyhound - a breed we had no familiarity with and had not considered.

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Greyhound in stripey tshirt

Olive donates her pocket money

It is heartwarming to receive the support of compassionate young people like Olive, who recently sent this email, and who understands that Greyhounds are worth every cent and second we spend helping them. She will likely become part of the next generation of Greyhound adoption and welfare advocates.

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Eileen & John

Eileen & John share their foster journey

Fostering can be a real roller-coaster ride.

Some hounds need more time than others before they are ready for their furever home.
Our first foster hound had come from a local vet practice. He had been there for a couple of weeks, the owner had taken him there to be euthanised but the vet practice negotiated and took his blood a few times and then contacted Friends of the Hound to collect him.

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