April 2021

The miracle of Coolum

The Miracle of Coolum

Everyone in FoTH and the Sunshine Coast has now heard of Boo (now known as Bear). The infamous little chap who decided to go walkabout for a week in Coolum on Easter Saturday.

Boo was only having a temporary stay in Coolum while we went away for the weekend. However, it soon became apparent that he doesn’t like bad weather. Whilst heading out for a final toilet stop before bedtime, a sudden gust of wind caused flapping of some nearby leaves, scaring the living daylights out of him. Unfortunately, he pulled so hard and fast that his lead slipped out of a very secure hand. Into the wind, rain and dark he bolted. That was the last time he was seen for just over a week.

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Every day feels like Christmas with Sunshine

Everyday feels like Christmas with Sunshine

It has been one year since we adopted our baby Sunshine from Friends of the Hound. What a year it has been... Sunshine is just our life!!!! We love everything about her and she is hilarious. She is quirky, loving, loyal, beautiful and sooo funny ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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