A new life for Missy & Fizzy

Our adoption path… or how we found Missy and Bella (aka Fizzy) or did they find us?

I (Tina) have to admit I knew basically nothing about Greyhounds. I always liked big dogs like Rhodesian Ridgebacks, big bulky dogs.

My partner (Frank) loved Greys and tried to talk me into adopting one of them. Therefore I reluctantly started reading about them, watched plenty of YouTube videos and after we met a nice couple with 2 lovely Greyhounds on the beach in Bribie on one of our walks, I finally gave in and agreed to meet a foster family.

“But please let them know we are at the beginning stages of just thinking about it” – that’s what I told Frank.

The next day we drove to Caloundra to meet Lynette and a whole pack of Greyhounds. We talked for a long time and the dogs were lovely.

One of our questions was whether to adopt one dog or would it be better for the dogs if we adopted two? Lynette told us about Missy and Fizzy and we were able to meet them the same day.

While driving up the road I mentioned to Frank “I think that’s it” – I had some sort of gut feeling…

Then I saw 6 beautiful Greys greeting us at the gate, I knew instantly which ones Missy and Fizzy were and it was love at first sight. I just knew they were “our” dogs.

After talking with Mel and Steve and learning more about the two girls – I think Frank’s mind was already made up, it was upon me to decide. I basically went from “beginning stages of thinking about it” to “we are going to adopt them” in less than a day… the rest is history.

The girls moved in a couple of weeks later and we are enjoying every single moment with them. I call them our “soul dogs” and of course they adopted us and not the other way round.

Thanks for sharing your story Tina & Frank.