A royal life for Princess

A royal life for Princess

This beautiful adoption story was sent to us from a Princess’ Mum.

Back in 2009 we adopted a Greyhound from Friends of the Hound – Princess (formerly Monika – she had a similar-looking brindle sibling called Anika). We had seen a lovely photo of her looking straight at the camera and there was just something in that look that said… “I’m the one you need, pick me!”

We collected Princess from a carer in Gosford – we were living in Wagga at the time.

Princess’s first months with us were a bit challenging, she had an altercation with our miniature Dachshund (over food). I had a long conversation with Lisa about what happened and we persevered and ensured that it could not happen again. We are so glad that we did, Princess developed into the most beautiful, quiet, gentle, intelligent companion. She was so athletic – and had quite a high prey drive when we first got her… but that faded as the years went by. She was perfectly behaved around other dogs, and even cats in the end. She was a sweet and gentle soul and had a calming influence on people, particularly when we were evacuated to Lakes Entrance evacuation centre in East Gippsland (where we now live) during the bushfires at Christmas (we had to evacuate 3 times). Everyone at the shelter kept remarking on how calm she was and saying that she was the best behaved dog at the shelter. Whilst loads of dogs were barking and unsettled all around us, Princess lay quietly and calmly taking everything in. She even charmed someone into giving up their doona and pillow for her!

Sadly, we recently had to put her to sleep. She was almost 13. She had a freak accident – she fell and broke her femur in her front left leg (complete break) but because of her age and other ailments (she had arthritis in most joints, and x-rays showed her bones were quite brittle), we didn’t think it would be fair to put her through major reconstructive surgery, so sadly we had to make the decision to let her go. We’re heart-broken, but wanted you to know how many incredible years we had with her, she really was one in a million – she was just so grateful for everything we did for her, so beautifully behaved (she would take herself off to bed at the same time each night). She was also funny and smart, and quite bossy when she wanted something. We are really missing her and the house just doesn’t feel the same without her.

~ Heather Peart