Three hounds and a cat called Robert

Hiya! Our names are Sugar, Tiffany and Winter and we are from Canberra and this is our story!

“Sugar was adopted 18 months ago. She was incredibly shy and scared of her own shadow. During the first six weeks we had her we’d have to carry her outside to go to the toilet because she didn’t want to leave her safe bed. Some days we would be so sad and frustrated for her but we never gave up. Day by day, Sugar gained confidence and we could see her personality emerging. We were then asked if we would consider adopting a second dog. We had a friend who was a foster carer and had a little black girl with terrible separation anxiety. She’d had two false starts being rehomed and needed another dog for company. We decided to introduce the girls to see if they got along and go from there. Sugar lit up when she first met Tiffany. It’s hard to describe the immense happiness the girls showed instantly from being together. We knew from that moment that Tiffany was meant to be ours.

Tiffany has helped Sugar so much since her arrival. It’s magic seeing just how far they have both come. Tiffany is a people focused dog. After much thought, we decided to put her through the Delta Therapy Dog program so she could have all the pats in the world. I now get to share Tiff with a nursing home full of wonderful people who miss their own pets terribly. We visit once a fortnight and Tiff gets so many pats, hugs and scotch finger biscuits. Everyone loves her and many will cut out news articles calling for racing bans and tell me when they see greyhounds on the news. She’s helping show so many people just what lovely pets greyhounds are.

We have since foster failed a third greyhound called Winter who was just the perfect fit since the day she arrived. Winter was only meant to stay for a couple of days. We were told she couldn’t do stairs but within 10 minutes of being here she walked upstairs and was asleep on our bed. She was at home from the first moment.

Along with Robert the cat, we think we are so lucky to have three beautiful, happy girls that love to love.”

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