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Discs don't slip - our latest physio news

Discs Don’t Slip!

Back pain is a condition that I see extensively in people and in dogs alike and in both patient groups, it can be debilitating.

In people, it is one of the most common causes of sick leave on an annual basis. There is a plethora of terms to describe back pain including ‘slipped disc’, ‘disc herniation’, ‘disc disease’ and ‘intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)’. All of these terms can evoke fear in patients and owners alike, resulting in the condition being mismanaged by many.

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Rescue Resource

Rescue Resource NSW

Animal rescue organisations face a daily battle to save the lives of cats, dogs, and many other animals. Rescue Resource-NSW source and supply items at no charge to reduce the financial burden for these rescues.

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Pet Barn Kedron

Petbarn Kedron

At Petbarn, we believe that life is better with pets. We understand the feeling you get when your dog greets you at the door or the warmth of your cat curled up on your lap. At Petbarn we know the unconditional love that pets bring to our everyday lives.

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RSPCA Hunter Veterinary Hospital

Since 2005the Hunter Veterinary Hospital has provided the highest level of care to shelter animals, injured strays, impounded animals, private clients and animals who have been victims of cruelty.


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Animals at Oakley flat

Animals at Oakley Flat

Our dedicated team of veterinarians are experts in their fields and are truly passionate about caring for animals, offering a gentle and calm approach to treatment and consultations.
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Centenary Vet Ipswich

Centenary Vet

Centenary Vet Surgery has provided quality care to pets in the Centenary suburbs since 1973. As the original area practice we are committed to providing high quality health care for the lifetime of your pet - the key to a healthy pet.

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