This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Male
Age: 4 years 8 months.
Colour: White and Blue
Location: Canberra, ACT

More Info:
Bart has a big love for life!

In terms of food, Bart is the farthest thing from picky – he hasn’t yet met a food he doesn’t like! He has been enjoying foraging for his meals in the garden, and fun food games are great ways to give his brain a bit of a workout. Being such a foodie is a great thing in terms of training, as he will be easily motivated to learn new tricks and earn his treats.

When patted, Bart gives a big wag of enjoyment. He does love a cuddle (on the couch if you allow it, and on his bed if you would rather he not be a furniture friend). Though he respects your personal space, this curious soul loves to hang around and watch what you are up to.

Bart loves zoomies and very focused walks rather than slow ambles – with Bart you will never be hanging around checking your watch or growing a beard waiting for a long sniff to finish. He walks on a lovely loose lead and is happy to stroll along keeping your pace. He also adores toys from the soft to the squeaky kind, although the former have a strange habit of exploding in his presence! Tennis balls are also a great hit with Bart – he would love to show off his amazing fetch-playing skills with you anytime.

This gorgeous boy has been comfortably cohabiting with some young human siblings, but because of his playful nature, he would adore a family with some older kids. While he has lived happily with other greyhounds, enjoying a good communal zoomie, he might blossom in a home where he could be the star and centre of your attention. He is also currently happily living with some pocket pets – indoor birds – and has been a gentleman in leaving them to get on with their lives.

He is learning lots of new skills, including responding to his name, ‘wait’, ‘on your bed’, ‘sit’, and ‘get it’. He is already well toilet-trained, and his high food-motivation and enthusiasm mean he is well-placed to keep picking up new tricks. After a play, a bit of a walk, and a fun training session, Bart is ready to show off the quieter side of his true greyhound nature – with a good long snooze.

If you are looking for a friendly (and handsome!) bundle of joy to join your life, Bart could be the boy for you.

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