Basil & Molly get a second chance

Basil & MollyWhen Liam’s rescue greyhound, Zeke, passed away unusually young from a very rare condition, we knew we would adopt again when we were ready.

Liam came across Basil and Molly accidentally; two older, ex-racing greyhounds who were rescued by a family who, sadly, could not take care of them anymore. We jumped at the chance to give them a loving home.

It took them a few months to settle into their new home…and after almost two years, Molly STILL can’t figure out the stairs! Our family says we spoil them rotten, but after such a hard start to life, Basil and Molly deserve all the beach visits, couch naps and premium steak mince in the world!

They kept us sane during 2020’s lockdowns and make us smile every day. They are the best addition to our family we could have ever asked for, and so involving them in our wedding in September was a given.

Liam proposed to me in March when we were walking the hounds at our favourite beach. Of course it was the three of them that met me at the end of the aisle on our wedding day. Basil and Molly sat beside us when we spoke our vows, and were in our family photos. The hounds were there every step of our wedding journey, and it was perfect!

While we know Basil and Molly now have a great life, there are still so many ex-racers in Australia that need to be given that second chance.

Friends of the Hound is an organisation that give greyhounds, like Basil and Molly, an opportunity to be cared for and loved by families who are looking for the perfect companion. It’s an organisation we love and feel inspired by, and so instead of gifts, we asked our wedding guests to donate to Friends of the Hound.

Our friends and family know how much we love greyhounds so dug deep to support Friends of the Hound on our wedding day.

We were thrilled to hear our donation is going towards vet costs and surgeries for greyhounds who are repairing and recovering from a challenging start in life. While what we could give was only a small amount, we know every donation counts and we know with certainty that every hound deserves a second chance.

Emma and Liam