Adoption Pending

Gender: Male
Age: 2 years 6 months.
Colour: Black
Location: Brisbane, QLD

More Info:
Introducing Bear!

Bear is a big, beautiful and black 2 year old boy who just loves to sniff everything! He is super cuddly and just loves playing with his soft toys and enjoys having the ball thrown around the yard for him, and when he’s had enough, he is a good boy and puts his toys away (on his bed). Bear is the perfect house guest as he is very tidy as he puts all his toys away on his bed/s and will even hide them under his pillows!

Bear just loves his walks and is very good on the lead. He has learnt to jump in the back of the car and can manage most stairs. He enjoys meeting people when out and about and just loves to lean against his new friends. He has interacted very well with all other dogs he has met (both big and small). Curious about everything, he loves investigating and if he takes a fancy to something, it will be found on his bed. Bear is not destructive with toys or shoes or anything, but he does love a good beef brisket bone to chew a couple of times a week which are great to keep his teeth sparkly clean.

Like many greyhounds, Bear does feel the heat and can usually be found under a fan or in front of the aircon. He also likes playing in shell pool by ‘digging’ all the water out. Bear has enjoyed large groups of people gathering at his foster home and is very well behaved. He doesn’t bench surf or ‘beg’ while you are eating, but will take the opportunity if something tasty is left within reach of course.

Bear would be suited to a family with older children because of his size and strength, and while he is very gentle with toddlers, he may inadvertently lean on them or knock over when running outside. His foster carers say he has been an absolute delight to foster and know it will be a very lucky family that gets to adopt this special boy! Bear is located in Brisbane.

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