Betty Boo

Adoption Pending

Gender: Female
Age: 2 years 4 months.
Colour: Black
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Cat Friendly: Not tested

More Info:
Betty Boo is a gorgeous, friendly girl. She loves to meet people and other dogs, big or small.

Betty Boo loves to be close to people and tends to lean on anyone who gets close. She is good with children. She has a
curly tongue and this sticks out of the right side of her mouth as an extended derb. Loves to go on walks
and walks well on lead, loves to go in the car and have her head out the window while the car is moving.
When I come home she races to the car, trying to get in so she gets to go out the next time.

She is a happy dog and plays with toys especially her own stuffed whale and Miss Piggy, who once had a
squeak. She loves the beach and paddles in the water readily without any coaxing.

Betty Boo is a pleasure to have in the house and well mannered most of the time but she is still a pup and can
be mischievous.

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