This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Male
Age: 3 years 7 months.
Colour: Blue
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Cat Friendly:

More Info:
Boyd is a gorgeous roman-nosed 2-year old blue boy, who is quite active and will happily walk all day. He is great on lead, but his new owner must be on the look-out for anything that might spark his interest such as pussy cats. Boyd does have a strong prey drive so he will need an owner that understands this.

Boyd is used to getting out and about and is a regular at the beach (but never off-lead). Boyd also loves water and has been known to go for a swim. He is a very no fuss hound but can get anxious if he is left alone for more than an hour or so. Boyd absolutely adores people patting him and will happily stand for kids to pat him.

Boyd is smart and understands basic commands such as stay, on your bed, no, and leave. In his foster carer’s home, there is one room he is not allowed in and he has learnt that this room is a no-go-zone, so he can be trained quite easily.

Boyd has Penny and Tigger his 2 stuffed toys which he will grab and run with if he is feeling silly or if he is stirred up.

Boyd is good in the car, and has learnt stairs, however on some occasions he can be nervous about them. He is fully house trained and can easily go all night without having to get up for the toilet. He sleeps very peacefully in his bed at night.

Boyd would be ok on his own if his people were home a lot, or with another doggo for company. Boyd is good with other dogs, but with any potential fur brother or sister, like with any adoption, would need a careful introduction.

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