Buster and Roxy

A little over three years ago, my partner Seb and I said goodbye to our family and friends in NSW and moved up to Queensland. Within a month we were on the lookout for a rescue pet. Although Seb loves his cats, I unfortunately am allergic, so we decided we needed a cat-like dog.

While at the Sydney Royal Easter Show some years earlier we stumbled upon the greyhound stand and fell in love with the breed instantly. We actually found ourselves returning to the stand about three times just to pat these gorgeous dogs! We knew the fascination with greyhounds had begun.
After moving to Queensland, we heard positive things about Friends of the Hound and wasted no time in lodging an application for our very own hound.

Shortly after, we met up with Lisa who was excited to introduce us to Roxy. I was nervous and unsure but super excited at the same time. Seb couldn’t contain his excitement! We decided to foster with the intention of adopting. When Roxy arrived, it was as though she was a blank canvas with no personality, like the lights were on but nobody was home. She would not look at either of us in the eye, she was underweight and had bad kennel coat from living outside in the cold. Roxy was fresh off the track.

Roxy felt uneasy for the first couple of days, but she had no choice but to put up with Seb’s hugs and kisses as he was treating her like a cat from day one, and she began to love it! Quite often you will see photos of her at promos in Seb’s arms…just like a baby. With time and patience, she has blossomed into the most loving trusting little girl and she loves nothing more than a game of bitey face, zoomies and a cuddle.

After about 6 months, we decided there was too much love to give and we couldn’t stop at just one. We knew the right thing to do was to foster so we could help more greys enjoy the life they deserve. Buster was used to living underneath a house. He smelt like dirt and his coat was like sandpaper. The poor boy was very scared upon rescuing and he came to us very timid and was labelled a special needs boy, pacing around the house unsure of his surroundings. Buster (nicknamed Buzz) has taken a while to trust humans and feel comfortable living as a pet, but has learnt so much from Roxy like hugs and kisses are ok. We now find him coming to us to seek out that affection.

Buzz loves nothing more than laying on the lounge like a king on a pile of pillows, but I often find him being a complete fun goofball when it comes to his zoomies and toy time. We had Buzz for over 6 months before we became foster fails. I couldn’t bear to see him go to another home. It was funny, it was like I knew he was going nowhere. I used to tell him you’re going to stay here forever and I think we both secretly knew it!

Roxy and Buster enjoy sitting in the back of the 4WD whether it be a trip down to Sydney to see our family or a 4WD trip down to the Jumpinpin Channel on Stradbroke Island for a camping adventure.

Running a mechanic business there is always someone new arriving at our house to show off their car or to see what it is that we’ve been up to. However, the dogs are never worried whether it be loud noises or a new set of faces, they are always happy for a meet and greet!

We love taking them to promo events around Brisbane where we can meet up with the rest of the FOTH family and it gives the dogs a chance to catch up with their mates too. Our love for greyhounds and animal welfare has proven to be quite contagious as now Seb’s parents have also adopted their own greyhound, and our best friend in Darwin has adopted two of his own.

We continue to notice positive changes in their behaviours and personalities, and we love that they fit into our social/action packed lives and are part of the family. We look forward to advocating for greyhounds as pets for years to come.