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The miracle of Coolum

The Miracle of Coolum

Everyone in FoTH and the Sunshine Coast has now heard of Boo (now known as Bear). The infamous little chap who decided to go walkabout for a week in Coolum on Easter Saturday.  Boo was only having a temporary stay in Coolum while we went away for the weekend. However, it soon became apparent that he doesn’t like bad weather. Whilst heading...
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Farewell Georgie

Farewell Georgie 02/08/2009 – 24/07/2020

Georgie’s adoption was very much anticipated, and on Boxing Day 2013, she finally arrived! We had specifically wanted a black girl after meeting several and seeing how pretty they were with their glossy black coats. Barnaby our male greyhound almost lost his mind when she arrived and was eager to share everything with her, including his toys and beds! Georgie had...
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Bede and Alana wedding

Bridesmaid showstoppers

Bede and Alana with their greyhound bridesmaids Sugar (left), Winter (centre) and Tiffany (right). Photo by: Who Shot The Photographer Can you imagine having to plan a wedding during a pandemic? Bede and Alana were lucky enough to get married recently in Canberra and their gorgeous greyhounds Sugar (left), Winter (centre) and Tiffany (right) were bridesmaids! What was particularly special is that Sugar is...
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Hugo the Greyhound

A happy tale for Hugo & family

For at least a year before we put in an application to adopt a greyhound from Friends of the Hound, I'd carry around a FOTH pamphlet acquired from market stalls (at West End and Eumundi) in my bag and would whip it out at random so my wife Marian would get the hint. Not very subtle! Before Hugo joined our family, we...
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Sooty's story

Sooty’s story – a beloved addition

We just wanted to thank ALL involved in the adoption of our very-loved girl, Sooty. Losing 4 beloved pets over the past 4 years had taken a toll on us, but we wanted to adopt another rescue dog. We love that both Lyndal & Alison took the time to get to know us and our needs to work out what hound would...
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Lonely the Greyhound

Not Lonely anymore – a happy tale

We decided to get a companion for our Spaniel/Collie cross Cloudy as she had been grieving for her long time best friend of 14 years, Dusty. Cloudy had become anxious, sad and had lost interest in life over the 6 month period that Dusty had passed. We had always thought we would love to adopt a greyhound so we applied to...
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Alfie & Ollie

The Greyhound learning curve

Alfie and Ollie came into our lives just over 3 months ago (through the FOTH Brisbane team). We were new to greyhounds so it was a learning curve for both them, and us. I have always been a big believer that animals become part of the family, however I never quite expected how much these two gorgeous creatures would impact our lives!  Trust...
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Happy tails for Kimba & Ollie

Rescue tales for Kimba & Ollie

Two lovely 6 year old red fawn siblings came into our program early last month. Their racing owner had passed away and his daughter surrendered them. Both Kimba and Ollie were underweight, covered in fleas, with terrible teeth/gums. Kimba in particular was suffering from severe gum disease. These special little ‘spooks’ embraced the comforts of companion life (they just lo-o-oved having soft beds...
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