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Stop the Ipswich Greyhound track

Ipswich rally to Say NO to the new Greyhound track

Many FOTH members & supporters joined other hound-lovers in opposition to the proposed new Greyhound track at Purga, Ipswich.
Around 150 people gathered in March to protest against the yet another dog-killing centre being pushed by the Palaszczuk Govt.
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Basil & Molly

Basil & Molly get a second chance

Liam came across Basil and Molly accidentally; two older, ex-racing greyhounds who were rescued by a family who, sadly, could not take care of them anymore. We jumped at the chance to give them a loving home.
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Millie & Cricket

Millie & Cricket get their bounce back

Millie joined us and our ‘old man’ Tigger 2 years ago.  Millie is an anxious girl.  It took months of patience, gentle ear rubs and the company of our happy soul Tigger to bring her out of her shell. The first time she wagged her tail was a cause for celebration.
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Summer bear

RIP Summer huggy bear

Beautiful Summy-Bear passed away on 4th October after fighting cancer for 7 months.

She came into our life at 5 years age, as a short term foster dog and stayed for 7 years. She started off being unsure of the world and she was scared of most things, but she grew into the most adorable, sweet, huggy bear.
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Greyhound photo by John Schofield

A foster story from John & Eileen Schofield

I came home from work the other day and as I was getting out of my ute a lady with a child and a dog on a leash was passing by.The lady said "Are you the man with the greyhounds?"
Of course I replied "Yes that’s right".

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