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Sisters reunited - Elsie & Freda

Sisters reunited – meet Elsie & Freda

Elsie and Freda’s adoption story. By Peggy Naumov - Greyhound Mum I had met rescue greyhounds at the Brisbane Ekka several years ago, all laying so relaxed on sofas in the dog exhibit. Their carers patiently told me of the plight of these beautiful, calm Greyhounds. That stayed with me, and I was always fortunate to speak to people that owned Greyhounds and...
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Greyhound Action in Lismore

Greyhound action in Lismore

Passionate Greyhound lovers gathered in Lismore in March to bring awareness to the injuries and deaths occurring at the Lismore race track. This peaceful protest was welcomed by cars passing with toots and whistles. Find out more about upcoming Lismore actions for Greyhounds here....
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Sprains, strains and general aches & pains

Sprains, Strains and General Aches & Pains

There are five types of tissues that may sustain an injury and need the expertise of a Physiotherapist to treat them. The tissues include muscle, ligament, intra-articular structures (such as meniscus and cartilage), joint capsules, and bone. It is essential for a thorough understanding of the physiological mechanisms of healing of these tissues in order to progress and manage rehabilitation following...
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Happy days! Success story

Shaunagh & John’s furry family

We asked Shaunagh & John to share with us their Greyhound Success Story. Please tell us about your furry family… We are owned by three big, black, beautiful rescued greyhounds. Black Betty (The Velvet Queen), Lockie (Daddy Long Legs) and Squirt (Squirty!!!), collectively known as the Black Pack. We adopted them four years ago from Friends of the Hound and our lives have...
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In paw health? Carpal & tarsal injuries

All about carpal & tarsal injuries

Injuries to the carpus and tarsus of the greyhound are common. The carpus is the wrist joint of the dog and the tarsus is the heel joint. These joints act as shock absorbers during weight bearing and are easily injured due to their lack of muscular support. Both the carpus and the tarsus are very complex, multilevel joints, supported by several ligaments...
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Containers for change

Come on Queenslanders, please recycle and help support Friends of the Hound!

How it works is you take your eligible containers (most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard containers between 150ml and 3 litres, but not those that contained cordial or milk products). Also wine bottles are not to be included The recycling stations near you can be found on their website and you can only take them to those coloured in black,...
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Greyhound Physiotherapist - Meet Lynne

Greyhounds & Physiotherapy

The majority of the greyhounds rehomed by Friends of the Hound (FoTH) are ex-racing dogs. Their lives have consisted of little more than training and racing. As a result, many are carrying long standing injuries that need to be dealt with before being rehomed. Fixing these problems isn’t just about getting the right surgery but is also about pre and post-surgical...
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Lynette's hearty hound bake

Lynette’s Hearty hound bake

Lynette has been back in the kitchen experimenting with some tasty hound meals for even the fussiest of Greyhounds. So try this and you'll be the most popular hound mama or papa in your hood :) LYNETTE'S HEARTY HOUND BAKE 2kg of mince, beef, chicken, turkey or any other meat that your dog eats 500g of chicken livers chopped up And or 500g of chicken hearts. I...
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