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FOTH Coffee Table Book

FOTH coffee table book

Kevin Evans has generously donated his time and energy for another Friends of the Hound coffee table book!

We want You to be part of this book... And you can! You'll also be Helping us rescue more Greyhounds and placing them with caring, loving families. FOTH adopters are invited to register their name and pay a $50 donation (that full amount is donated to FOTH) and you, your hound or your whole family will go into this strictly limited edition, coffee table book.
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AGM & Hound fun day May 2018

AGM & Hound Fun Day 2018

So much fun hanging out with all the houndies & humans for the Friends of the Hound AGM and Hound Fun Day.
Almost 68 hound devotees and 58 dogs enjoyed a lovely day on Saturday May 12th at our AGM & Hound Fun Day in Brisbane North. Thanks to our wonderful host, Bobby, for providing a fab venue. We conducted the business early - & then had fun socialising with lots of lovely Greyhounds & their parents - with a greyt range of fantastic products to peruse & purchase.
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Meet Amy and Becca

We adopted Amy and Becca in October 2016, just after their 2nd birthday. They are littermates, were bonded and had been fostered together. FOTH was looking for a family with young children and cats to take on two greyhounds as they were happy with both kids and cats. We, on the other hand were looking for two dogs to adopt. My massage therapist boarded her dogs occasionally with the foster family’s boutique dog hotel, and suggested I give them a call. By this time, the perfect family had not appeared on the horizon for Amy and Becca, so they settled on a couple of grey-haired retirees! How delighted we are to have them in our lives!
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Fundraising appeal

Several days ago we received a call from a NSW vet clinic asking for help - a terminally ill Greyhound trainer had 8 Greyhounds that he was going to euthanise - he’d rehomed some of his dogs but these last 8 he’d been given permission to destroy by Greyhound Racing NSW.
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Friends of the Hound Art Auction

From Sunday, 11th February 2018, Friends of the Hound will be holding an online art auction.
Please keep your eyes peeled on facebook for the auction link which will contain some gorgeous arty hound related goodies.
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Love Wine? Support Friends of the Hound…

Friends of the Hound have partnered with Australian social enterprise, Goodwill Wine, who source remarkable wine for people who care. Friends of the Hound will receive 50% of the profit from the sale of each bottle purchased through Goodwill Wine and allow us to continue our mission to save Greyhounds, and find suitable homes for them as pets and family companions, and to educate and raise public awareness about the plight of these beautiful dogs.
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National Day of Action Wrap Up

It was a great rally in Brisbane on Sunday 7 February 2016 as part of a National Day of Action. 700 people gathered at Southbank parklands to support an end to greyhound racing. The event was focused on opposition to this commercial gambling industry which is responsible for the wastage of thousands of greyhounds every year, and its culture of cruelty, corruption, and complacency, and opposition to continued government support of this industry that does not meet community expectations.
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