Success Stories

Harry's New Life

Harry’s new life

"It all began when we were sitting in the car park at Bunning's one day and my husband randomly said that he would love to have a black greyhound and call him Winston (a name that we will have to save for another time). As we already have a beautiful whippet named Penny, it seemed natural that our next move...
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Sisters reunited - Elsie & Freda

Sisters reunited – meet Elsie & Freda

Elsie and Freda’s adoption story. By Peggy Naumov - Greyhound Mum I had met rescue greyhounds at the Brisbane Ekka several years ago, all laying so relaxed on sofas in the dog exhibit. Their carers patiently told me of the plight of these beautiful, calm Greyhounds. That stayed with me, and I was always fortunate to speak to people that owned Greyhounds and...
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Happy days! Success story

Shaunagh & John’s furry family

We asked Shaunagh & John to share with us their Greyhound Success Story. Please tell us about your furry family… We are owned by three big, black, beautiful rescued greyhounds. Black Betty (The Velvet Queen), Lockie (Daddy Long Legs) and Squirt (Squirty!!!), collectively known as the Black Pack. We adopted them four years ago from Friends of the Hound and our lives have...
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Meet Amy and Becca

We adopted Amy and Becca in October 2016, just after their 2nd birthday. They are littermates, were bonded and had been fostered together. FOTH was looking for a family with young children and cats to take on two greyhounds as they were happy with both kids and cats. We, on the other hand were looking for two dogs to adopt. My...
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Buster and Roxy

A little over three years ago, my partner Seb and I said goodbye to our family and friends in NSW and moved up to Queensland. Within a month we were on the lookout for a rescue pet. Although Seb loves his cats, I unfortunately am allergic, so we decided we needed a cat-like dog. While at the Sydney Royal Easter Show some...
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Three hounds and a cat called Robert

Hiya! Our names are Sugar, Tiffany and Winter and we are from Canberra and this is our story! "Sugar was adopted 18 months ago. She was incredibly shy and scared of her own shadow. During the first six weeks we had her we'd have to carry her outside to go to the toilet because she didn't want to leave her safe bed....
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Jedda’s happy tail

My name is Carmel and I live on a property in the Coffs Harbour hinterland with my husband Chris, 6 horses, 13 chickens and our three dogs; Mimi (a toy poodle), Ciara (a standard labradoodle), and a Teddy (a tibetan terrier). I had never really had anything to do with greyhounds, but a friend shared a Friends of the Hound post on...
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Gracie and Simone

My name is Simone and this is Gracie. I adopted Gracie 2 years ago now, and I feel like I'm the luckiest human alive! I first met Gracie when my sister and brother in law were fostering Gracie. A dog that was scared of everyone, wouldn't leave my side the first time I met her. My sister was gob smacked and so...
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