Success Stories

Pinky the Greyhound

Pinky’s adoption story

Prior to getting a dog, I did many of those online questionnaires that help you decide what dog to get. And every questionnaire returned the same response: Greyhound - a breed we had no familiarity with and had not considered.

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Sisters reunited - Elsie & Freda

Sisters reunited – meet Elsie & Freda

I had met rescue greyhounds at the Brisbane Ekka several years ago, all laying so relaxed on sofas in the dog exhibit. Their carers patiently told me of the plight of these beautiful, calm Greyhounds. That stayed with me, and I was always fortunate to speak to people that owned Greyhounds and every story was the same.... gentle, full of love, and usually a bit goofy.
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Happy days! Success story

Shaunagh & John’s furry family

We are owned by three big, black, beautiful rescued greyhounds. Black Betty (The Velvet Queen), Lockie (Daddy Long Legs) and Squirt (Squirty!!!), collectively known as the Black Pack. We adopted them four years ago from Friends of the Hound and our lives have never been the same.
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Meet Amy and Becca

We adopted Amy and Becca in October 2016, just after their 2nd birthday. They are littermates, were bonded and had been fostered together. FOTH was looking for a family with young children and cats to take on two greyhounds as they were happy with both kids and cats. We, on the other hand were looking for two dogs to adopt. My massage therapist boarded her dogs occasionally with the foster family’s boutique dog hotel, and suggested I give them a call. By this time, the perfect family had not appeared on the horizon for Amy and Becca, so they settled on a couple of grey-haired retirees! How delighted we are to have them in our lives!
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