This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Male
Age: 3 years 1 month.
Colour: Blue
Location: Mid-North Coast, NSW

More Info:
Mr Darcy is a tall, lean, debonair gentleman with windswept ears and a touch of grey to give him a distinguished look. Everyone will swoon when they see him. In reality he is an oversized puppy who loves all dogs and most people. You will never meet another dog as enthusiastic about dinnertime as Mr Darcy. He bounces with joy when he sees his dinner coming but has learnt to wait quietly while it’s put down. He is a little timid around some men and will shy away from you if you are carrying a stick (mop, broom) or make a loud noise.

He stresses a little in thunderstorms so would need a safe place to go if you weren’t home but he settles if he can be on the bed/ lounge with you. He gains his confidence from people he trusts and his foster siblings. He loves emptying the toy box and after playing briefly with each one distributes them around the beds for his foster family to find later. Even though he is a young dog he doesn’t require much exercise.

Mr Darcy’s ideal family would not be too boisterous and loud but gentle and patient. He would like a doggy companion or a human that was home most of the time. He would enjoy a quiet stroll that built his confidence to get out and explore.

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