Doco: Greyhound rescue & fostering

This documentary about Greyhound rescue & fostering, featuring the lovely Lyndal Carmichael, was a project completed a few years ago by students at QUT. It now appears on Virgin inflight entertainment too.

Please watch and share widely.


Producer: Lachlan McCarron
Director: Chloe Le Roy
Writer: Nikita Gomes
Editor: Sam Grammer
Cinematographer: Mikaela Sencer
Sound Recordist: Ella-May Hannan
Sound Editor: Jack McGuigan
Boom Operator: Charlton Lansely
Compositions: Oscar Jemott
Second Camera Operator: Dylan Nyerges
Associate Producer: Sheri Van Gheest
Editing Assistants: Luke Baker, Annaliese Mauchline, Arielle Simpson
Executive Producers: Jason Tolsher, Sean Maher, Christine “Tfer” Newsome, Wayne Taylor

Lyndal & Jaydee
Lisa White
QUT Equipment Loans Centre
Mia, Casper, Champ & Louie
James Debenhaum