Everyday feels like Christmas with Sunshine

It has been one year since we adopted our baby Sunshine from Friends of the Hound.

What a year it has been… Sunshine is just our life!!!!

We love everything about her and she is hilarious.  She is quirky, loving, loyal, beautiful and sooo funny ❤️❤️❤️❤️

We were travelling around Australia and stayed with friends in Adelaide.

Their friend came to visit and with her came her two rescue greyhounds. I immediately fell in love with them and said to Mark when we stop travelling I have to have a rescue greyhound.

We built our retirement home on an acre, acquired four chickens and Sunshine the Greyhound and have never looked back.

We take Sunshine camping with us in our caravan, she has her own bed that Mark made her.

She loves anyone and everyone she comes in contact with and loves her bed in the car. 

We don’t need an alarm clock, at 6.30am on the dot we have our baby rubbing up the walls, rubbing up the bed and her face in ours – walk time in rain, hail or shine.

She has lots of friends on her walk each and every day. 

She has beds everywhere but would much rather lay on human beds or the lounge. 

She is the most loving girl in every way.

Our Sunshine would have a police record if she was a human, she’s an absolute kleptomaniac!!!! Steals shoes, specs, anything actually. Once she stole a tradies boot and he had to go to his next job with only one shoe.

She is a hypochondriac as well, academy award level.

We love her soo much and could not imagine life without her. 

By Kay & Mark Gordon