Farewell Georgie 02/08/2009 – 24/07/2020

Georgie’s adoption was very much anticipated, and on Boxing Day 2013, she finally arrived!

We had specifically wanted a black girl after meeting several and seeing how pretty they were with their glossy black coats. Barnaby our male greyhound almost lost his mind when she arrived and was eager to share everything with her, including his toys and beds!

Georgie had a beautiful friendship with Barnaby and they absolutely adored each other. Since 2013, we have had many fosters here, some she liked more than others (notable mention Squeaky, her bad-boy phase). Barnaby sadly prematurely left us in 2017 after a 10 month fight with bone cancer, and we are not sure that Georgie ever got over losing him. Since then we have been graced with Billy and Clementine, our two special two foster fails. 

Over time, as Georgie aged she really did prefer her own space, and grew to be the most placid and dependable hound. She very much liked the quiet life, but could actually be quite stubborn and moody, definitely preferring the couch to a walk! Anyone who looked after our pack always said Georgie was their favourite. As she got older, her snoozes got longer, but every so often she would show us a silly side and get a toy out for a quick play or try to play with the Queen-in-waiting, Marmalade the cat (who she really liked!). Georgie really was the prettiest black little hound there ever was, and had the softest fur I have ever felt on a greyhound. I was in awe of her beauty!

Georgie had her 10th birthday in August 2019 (looking absolutely fabulous) and had a fantastic party with many guests who bought gifts and helped us share the love. So few greyhounds make it to 10, so it was a big deal! We started to think that maybe she would live forever!  

However in May, we had thought something wasn’t quite right for a month or so, so we had some bloods done, but they came back all clear. Then in July she went off her food so we took her down for more tests and it was confirmed – she had cancer of the spleen and it had spread. We were devastated. 

We let her go that afternoon at home by giving her a very dignified passing, surrounded by those who loved her, in a beautiful candle-lit room. She passed away just a few days short of her 11th birthday. She was quiet, liked to mind her own business, could be cranky sometimes, but the hole she left in our hearts is hard to describe. We are glad she got to be reunited with her Barnaby, who I am sure was once again, losing his mind when he arrived to greet her at the rainbow bridge.

RIP Georgie Barker 02/08/2009 – 24/07/2020