Farewell & love for Dicey ❤️

Farewell Dicey

About 7 years ago FOTH helped me find Dicey. Or you helped Dicey find me. She has been the greatest gift I have ever received. She has showed me a kind of love that I didn’t know the world could create. She loved first and judged second and that is a lesson I will take with me forever.

Well last night I sat with Dicey as she took her last breaths. I have always been adamant that after a difficult start to life, her ending will be loving and peaceful… or as much as I can make it so. 

I loved that girl like nothing else and the space that has left in my life and my heart now she is gone is cavernous and overwhelming. But she more than anyone taught me how to get through difficult times. So I know I’ll be ok. And I keep telling myself it only hurts because it was so so special.

I am telling you all this because I want to say thank you. That little girl changed my life and probably also saved my life. I am heartbroken she is gone, but I am so grateful and humbled that I got to spend those years with her.

So thank you for all you do for the dogs… but also for the humans who get to be with the dogs. You have helped make my life a better life through helping my and Dicey’s paths cross.

Some pics to remember her by. Dicey, the best dog in the world.