Foster fail? Meet Cheeky

Meet Cheeky foster fail

Lucy shares her foster fail story…

My little Cheeky girl was supposed to be a temp foster in October 2017 when her original foster carer fell through on the day of her transport. Cheeky came into my home and immediately fell into place. At 27kg, she’s a fair bit smaller than my 38kg boy – but she never let that stand in her way. 

Cheeky has the best smile, overbite and forward tucked ears – she’s just gorgeous. Anyone who meets her, just falls in love. Her zest for life is intoxicating and it wasn’t long before I knew she would stay and would become a little sister to Bruno and a guardian angel to my shy and timid cat. 

Cheeky, although aptly named, has always been well behaved (except when counter surfing). She stands still for nail clipping and vaccinations and she’s a blood donor at Canberra Veterinary Emergency Services (where I work)! She also lets me dye her white socks all sorts of wonderful colours and she’s an endless source of entertainment. Cheeky loves going for walks and she loves putting on her pyjamas. She even does a happy dance when she realises we’re about to change jammies! 

Meet Cheeky

Foster failing her was the best decision I ever made, despite the vet trips we’ve had to make because of her counter-surfing!

Thanks Lucy in Canberra for sharing your story with us 🙂