Fundraising appeal

Several days ago we received a call from a NSW vet clinic asking for help – a terminally ill Greyhound trainer had 8 Greyhounds that he was going to euthanise – he’d rehomed some of his dogs but these last 8 he’d been given permission to destroy by Greyhound Racing NSW.

It raises the issue of empathy and responsibility – neither of which is shown by GRNSW. A total lack of compassion and accountability is what can only be expected by this industry – for its participants and their poor dogs that are just ‘disposable products’ of gambling. Collateral damage of a societal blight.

Again it is compassionate community members that care, and that cover the costs of saving Greyhounds from the routine wastage created by a cruel and callous racing culture.

The community should not have to bear this emotional and financial responsibility.

Despite having a surrender waiting list of over 80 Greyhounds, and 50 dogs already in our care, we agreed to take these 8 dogs – all females, ranging from 2 years to nearly 8 years old.

4 are in temporary foster care and the other 4 we are paying to have in boarding kennels until suitable foster homes are available.

If you can contribute to boarding costs, we would be extremely greytful.

To donate, please go to…/make-a-donation/