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Vet Care Appeal

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In 2016 so far, Friends of the Hound have rescued several greyhounds who have required more than usual veterinary care, including beautiful ex-breeder Sarah and gorgeous boy Lucky.

Sarah had several suspicious lumps that required urgent removal, including a large one on her throat and one on her chest which also necessitated the removal of a nipple. She also needed many expensive pathology tests, both before the surgeries and afterwards to ensure she was in the all clear, as well as extensive dental work.


Lucky’s routine desexing was made more complex because one testicle was under three layers of muscle, right near his prostate, then after surgery he developed serious and life-threatening complications, including subcutaneous emphysema and the emergence of an underlying stomach ulcer.


The adoption fee for our hounds is $340, which covers their basic veterinary care, so when extra treatment is required, Friends of the Hound covers the gap through our regular fundraising means. But every so often, major work is needed, as with Sarah, whose treatment totalled $3500, and Lucky, whose was $3000.

For both Sarah and Lucky, we needed to act quickly – there was no time to launch an appeal, as their lives were the priority, so we advised their veterinarians to do whatever they needed to save them. Now we need to retrospectively cover those costs, so we have the funds on hand the next time a beautiful hound needs urgent treatment. Their lives are too precious to risk having to wait.

And so we are launching The Vet Care Appeal, with a target of $6500 (the combined total of Sarah and Lucky’s treatment). All donations are tax deductable, and any amount – $5, $10, $20 – will help us reach the goal and save a future life.

From all the rescued hounds who need that little bit more care, thank you.

Donate to the Vet Care Appeal

Why Support Friends of the Hound?

cid_112Around 20,000 Greyhounds are bred in Australia every year for racing. Subsequently, there is an appalling mass wastage of these gorgeous dogs resulting from the overbreeding and exploitation for a gambling industry.

Friends of the Hound Inc. is committed to rescuing greyhounds and rehoming them as family pets and companions, and to changing public perception about the greyhound as “just a racing dog”. We rely on donations and the fundraising efforts of a small group of volunteers, members and supporters.

All money raised by these fundraising activities go to helping Friends of the Hound continue our successful Greyhound rescue program and Greyhound welfare advocacy.

All donations are tax deductible.


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