Foster Caring

Can you help us by becoming a foster carer?

Our foster network is near full capacity.
We have a huge waiting list of Greyhounds to bring into our program.

Cat-free foster homes are urgently required.

If you have been considering fostering or adopting a dog, please have a think about doing it now.

You can help us to get as many dogs as possible out of this terrible industry and into loving homes.

Pippa the greyhound surgery recovery

About Foster Caring for Friends of the Hound

The foster carer’s role involves providing a temporary home while the Greyhound transitions from their old racing life to a family companion.

You will be exposing these Greyhounds to living in a house, the joy of walking for fun and socialising with other animals… the gorgeous Greyhounds get to live and learn about life as a companion, while being prepared for a future in a permanent home.

Not only does the Greyhound benefit from your decision of becoming a foster carer, you will benefit from the companionship, rewards and satisfaction, and the best part is that the Friends of the Hound will be able to save more greyhound lives!

It’s a WIN – WIN – WIN.

Greyhound Foster Carer Guide

Read all about becoming a Foster carer in our informative and easy to read FOTH foster carer guide.

Includes many answers to your questions about caring for your new Greyhound and their behaviour quirks.

Apply to become a Greyhound foster carer

Once you’ve submitted your application, a Friends of the Hound representative will make contact to discuss the foster care program further, and, if suitable, arrange a convenient time to conduct a home visit. This is the initial step in the fostering process.

Apply to become a foster carer