Ginny and Libby

Adoption Pending

Gender: Female
Age: 6 years 1 month.
Colour: Black
Location: Brisbane, QLD

More Info:
Libby and Ginny – bonded pair

Libby and Ginny are 6 year old sisters from the same litter and have lived their whole lives together. As well as being nearly identical in colour and markings, they are so bonded that they often mirror each other’s positions and actions. These girls have been in a home for two years but are being returned to the program because of a change in circumstances for their parents.

Both are very well house trained and sleep on their beds in the lounge. They love their fleecy blankets dearly and, being Greyhounds, love warmth and comfort for the long periods they dedicate to lazing about. Both know what is theirs and what is not and are highly respectful of the latter. They are very good with children, but not great with cats or smaller dogs
Both are totally enthusiastic about their daily walks. They love zoomies and get quite excited chasing each other around, which is one of the few times they will make any sort of sound.

Ginny is a beautiful girl who although the one in charge has a very caring personality—especially when it concerns what happens to her sister Libby. She definitely takes both the rights and responsibilities of being head dog in the family very seriously. Ginny is very obedient and is totally trainable. She loves being loved.

Libby has a carefree, inquisitive personality. When out walking, she is the one leading and looking around for new things to see, smell and poke her nose into, while Ginny is usually content to walk at heel or slightly behind.
Libby is also trainable and, while she takes a little longer to catch on, she is always very keen.

Ginny and Libby are in Brisbane
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