Rescue tales for Kimba & Ollie

Two lovely 6 year old red fawn siblings came into our program early last month. Their racing owner had passed away and his daughter surrendered them.

Both Kimba and Ollie were underweight, covered in fleas, with terrible teeth/gums. Kimba in particular was suffering from severe gum disease.

These special little ‘spooks’ embraced the comforts of companion life (they just lo-o-oved having soft beds – and decided human beds were just doggy divine) but they were still uncertain and wary – fleeing to their ‘safe space’ often. Ollie is especially scared of large men, although when feeling safe and secure he is a very affectionate cuddle-bunny. 

Kimba has had 2 dental surgeries, with extractions, and whilst her remaining teeth are viable for now – the gingivitis will mean ongoing decay and further treatment in the future.

This bonded brother and sister (they are really sweet together) are currently in foster care where it is hoped that they can continue to grow in confidence and enjoy life.

We want to find a loving, quiet home for these cuties, with patient, caring people that understand their ‘flight’ pattern and need for a ‘safe’ room, a loving home where they can stay together… and thrive. 💜