Harry’s new life

Harry's New Life

“It all began when we were sitting in the car park at Bunning’s one day and my husband randomly said that he would love to have a black greyhound and call him Winston (a name that we will have to save for another time). As we already have a beautiful whippet named Penny, it seemed natural that our next move would be to get another sighthound so that she could have a brother or sister.

“We began our search in earnest, but quickly learnt that it might be a long wait to find a cat friendly greyhound. Benji and Marceline are our indoor kitty cats, and they had already been very patient with their puppy sister.

“I stumbled across Friends of the Hound, and saw that they had some greyhounds listed as cat friendly. To my surprise, Janette was located in Newcastle, only 45 minutes from our home. As soon as we saw Harry’s picture, our hearts melted. His long snoot and pictures of him lying with Janette’s cat meant that I had to inquire. I sent an email on Monday afternoon, and was contacted on Tuesday asking if she could bring Harry for a home visit. Two days later we were nervously awaiting their arrival. All of our fears were wiped away when Harry walked into our house. His calm, gentle and sweet nature was clear to see. He even put up with Penny jumping all over him! Janette left that afternoon and we knew instantly that Harry would be our new baby. We played it cool and waited a few hours to message Janette, and two days later Harry was settling in with all of the luxuries he could need.

“Penny is thrilled to have a big brother who will play with her. He barely even acknowledges Benji and Marceline, and that is just the way they like it. Every morning when the alarm goes off, Harry is up with his tail wagging ready for the day to begin. He gets excited at meal times, and cries happily every time we come home.

“No amount of kisses and cuddles could convey the love we have for him, but we will keep giving them to him. Adopting Harry has given us a sense of fulfillment knowing that we have provided a loving home to such a beautiful boy. Everyone at Friends of the Hound have been so generous with their time and knowledge, and we are grateful that we were able to adopt through them.”

Big thanks to Sarah Mackenzie for sharing her adoption story.