How’s pretty Pippa post surgery?

Pippa the greyhound surgery recovery

Do you remember sweet Pippa?

Pippa came to us with a serious injury to her hock.
She sustained this injury whilst being trialed (a Greyhound’s racing performance is tested and proven on trial tracks before racing).
Her injured leg was left without any vet care until she came to FOTH.
After 4.5 hours of surgery Pippa is now in foster care and going well.
The physio has given her foster Mum regular exercises to help her to get movement back into her leg.
Her next physio appointment is in mid July.
Brave Pippa may need to get one of the screws removed (possibly more surgery!) but so far she is doing well.
At this stage the plates are fine to stay inside her leg.
Pippa will hopefully be up for adoption in August and ready for her forever home.

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