Jake’s story

“Sadly, we had to put our baby girl Turtle down in June 2019. What a hole in our hearts she left. We told ourselves that we would wait 6 months before we got another hound as we had a newborn baby in the house. Then.. Fiona from Friends of the Hounds contacted me saying that she thought she had the perfect hound for us.

“Fiona brought “Blake” to our house for a visit and he was just beautiful. When our little man started crying he had a small sniff to investigate and went off and did his own thing. In the next week we made the choice to foster Blake to see how he would fit in with us. He investigated every corner of the house and then discovered the lounge and the bed. Since then he has never looked back!

“We officially adopted Blake in September 2019 and changed his name to Jake. Any Adventure Time fans out there will understand this change when a boy’s name is Finley or Finn for short. Jake has been the greatest addition to our home. He is never far away from our boy and is his little protector. He is so gentle with Finley, tolerates him crawling around and sometimes giving him a not so gentle pat. He has definitely learnt how to be a pet compared to a race dog.

“Jake loves his walks, visitors to the house and he makes sure they know where to pat him and is very confident to communicate to us what he wants when he wants! Oh and Jake and sleep…. he loves his sleep!

“I would highly suggest Friends of the Hound’s adoption program. They were a great support and still to this day check up on us to see how we are going and I know if we ever have a question, they are always there to answer it!”

Jake – adopted 2019

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