Jedda’s happy tail

My name is Carmel and I live on a property in the Coffs Harbour hinterland with my husband Chris, 6 horses, 13 chickens and our three dogs; Mimi (a toy poodle), Ciara (a standard labradoodle), and a Teddy (a tibetan terrier).

I had never really had anything to do with greyhounds, but a friend shared a Friends of the Hound post on Facebook and instantly I was smitten with the breed. I started reading more and more posts about greyhounds, and not long after this, I was in Brisbane for the weekend and saw that FOTH had a stall at a school fate. I went along and met the FOTH volunteers and their hounds and knew I was destined to adopt a hound. I was keen to adopt an older dog and it was decided that a beautiful 9 year old girl called Jedda was the best match for us.

I drove to Brisbane with my daughter to meet Jedda who was very timid and anxious initially. Once home, we decided it would be best for Jedda to meet the other members of her fur family in neutral surrounds so while Chris walked the other 3 dogs in the bush, I walked through the bush to meet them where we successfully introduced Jedda to her new fur family. In the coming weeks, Jedda remained quite shy and nervous, and a little withdrawn at times. While Mimi, Ciara and Teddy loved the bush, Jedda initially hated it! She would walk at a snail’s pace, stop at anything that brushed her face or legs, avoid any mud and stop at the slightest obstacle.

Gradually, however, Jedda slowly started coming out of her shell. She started seeking more and more physical contact, and began to love scratches and cuddles. Jedda would happy dance down the hallway at the sound of our voices and even started hopping on to couches or the bed to be next to us. Bit by bit, she has learned to love her bushwalks, running and playing with Ciara and Teddy, and even jumping logs (but only when she feels like it!). Jedda loves her drives in the car, but struggled to climb into our ute. The solution? Buy another car! We now have a station wagon, known as the hound-mobile. You should see the dance Jedda does walking over to the garage, when she knows we are going for a drive.

We just love this old girl so much and it has meant so much to me to see her change from the shy, withdrawn and timid hound who arrived here, to the beautiful, affectionate and happy girl who has given us so much joy and love. Jedda really is very special and it has changed our lives to adopt her