Adoption Pending

Gender: Male
Age: 3 years 3 months.
Colour: Black
Location: Canberra, ACT

More Info:
Larry is a people-person in dog form!

This beautiful boy would love to be your shadow, welcoming you home with a wild-wagging-flipping tail that drives the dog! He is always so pleased to see you. He likes to follow you from room to room just enjoying your company.

When out and about he is always on his best behaviour, and loves socializing with the people he meets. He doesn’t pull at his lead, instead preferring a rather slow graceful journey. He is learning he enjoys a morning and afternoon walk, but these don’t have to be long: just getting out and sniffing around seems to be his thing.

Larry likes his food, and can tend to wolf it down! After dinner you can guarantee he will be close by as you watch TV until he has decided it’s time to curl up in bed. Being such a people-dog, he would love to sleep in the same room as his humans, but is managing just fine sleeping in a separate room with some canine company.

He might be suited to a forever home with a companion animal, and currently lives happily with his foster greyhound brother. He really loves his brother’s company, and would love to have a canine buddy specifically to while away the hours while you are at work. Larry is house-trained, and also loves trips in the car! He is very patient with the children he lives with, as well as all others he has encountered.

Larry is a gentle dog who enjoys time with people. All he asks for is a bed where he can watch the family go about their lives. He will make a very welcome addition to any family lucky enough to find a place in their life for him!

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