Maxie’s story


After our beloved beagle died six years ago, we  were so lonely without a dog. We had already done the “puppy” thing and decided to adopt but after months of searching online we couldn’t find another suitable beagle for our family. My husband was always an admirer of greyhounds and suggested we look into a rescue hound. It didn’t take long until our search brought us to Friends of the Hound, and was narrowed down further to Maxie, who was five years old at the time. Within days she was on the way home with us. At first, we weren’t quite comfortable with having an inside dog and such a large one at that! Initially, she was shy and preferred her bed to us and the kids.

However, by the following week I was ringing her foster mum to declare that Maxie was the most perfect dog! Maxie loved cuddles, didn’t bark, was house trained, enjoyed playing with her toys with the kids, ate well, was a quick learner, and only needed short walks.

These days, Maxie loves to meet new people! Maxie was also an amazing support for me when I was going through chemo for Lymphoma two years ago. As much as we would like to get another greyhound, we want to give as much love and happiness to Maxie as possible as she heads into her old age.

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