Millie & Cricket get their bounce back

Millie & Cricket

Millie joined us and our ‘old man’ Tigger 2 years ago.

Millie is an anxious girl.  It took months of patience, gentle ear rubs and the company of our happy soul Tigger to bring her out of her shell. The first time she wagged her tail was a cause for celebration.

So when old age caught up with Tigger, and he was no longer with us, it was so sad to see Millie withdraw.

A call for help was made to FOTH, and like a whirlwind Cricket came into our lives.

This outgoing girl with no fear of anything soon made herself at home, kept us on our toes, and put the bounce back in Millie’s step.

Rather than an old dog teaching a new dog tricks, Cricket showed Millie how to work a toy and zoom around the yard.  It made us so happy the first time we saw them chase each other.

Thank you for the work you do to bring these lovely companions into our lives, they have brought so much joy and life into our home.

Ros and Phil