This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Female
Age: 4 years 11 months.
Colour: Black
Location: Brisbane, QLD

More Info:
Missy is a delightful girl. A gentle lady that loves her walks and does a happy dance when she sees her lead. Missy is easy to walk and doesn’t mind sniffing noses with friendly doggies. Very well behaved out and at home. Loves her bed and prefers not to share it.

She is very well toilet trained and will let you know when she needs to be let out. Missy is very respectful of furniture and will not jump onto lounges or beds. Not interested in chewing shoes, only her play toys.

Missy is also very quiet and not really a barker. She does like to play outside for short time and after 2 or 3 zoomies she’s happy to relax. Another of her favourite pass times of course is sleeping as soon as it’s dark she goes into a coma state

Missy has not been tested with cats or young children but has been in foster care with an older Jack Russell and Whippets. Would probably appreciate a home without too much activity.

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