This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Female
Age: 7 years 0 months.
Colour: Red Fawn
Location: Brisbane, QLD

More Info:
Molly is one sweet little girl. She is very affectionate and extremely loving- always seeking an opportunity to grab your attention for some cuddles. She is very bouncy and is slowly learning not to jump up when she is happy and wants a hug.

She loves the finer things in life and is commonly found sleeping on the beds or stretched out on the lounge. Her favourite thing to do is fall asleep with her head on your lap.

Molly loves going for walks and interacting with other dogs and people and is definitely a ‘peoples’ dog and loves the company of humans . She is quite happy to be an only dog . Molly would be great in a home with a small family, single or couple- as long as she can get plenty of cuddles and belly rubs then she will be happy!

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