Mike Baird up for Adoption!

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Mike Baird the Greyhound

Mike Baird the Greyhound

Friends of the Hound have welcomed Mike Baird the Greyhound — not the NSW premier that led the legislation to ban Greyhound racing in NSW — into their adoption program.

In the wake of the Parliament of New South Wales’ historic decision to end greyhound racing in the state, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia has sponsored and named a Friends of the Hound dog after Premier Mike Baird.

Three-year-old Mike the dog recently arrived at Friends of the Hound in Newcastle after being surrendered by a local racing owner.

“Not unlike Mike Baird the politician, Mike Baird the dog loves a bit of exercise as well as spending time on the couch watching The Bachelor”, says Friends of the Hound volunteer Kay Mills. “After spending the past three years running for his life, he deserves a loving home and family.”

You can view Mike’s profile and find out more about the adoption process.

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