This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Male
Age: 4 years 7 months.
Colour: Blue
Location: Tweed/Gold Coast, NSW/QLD
Cat Friendly: No

More Info:
Meet 4 year old good looking lad, Ninja.

Things about Ninja that you should know:

He loves jumping in the car and going for a drive.
He enjoys medium length walks in Winter and short walks in Summer.
Ninja has an amazing appetite and is not afraid to let you know when he’s ready for his meals. He loves his food and doesn’t appear to be fussy, but he has definitely been spoilt in this regard.
He is very well behaved and doesn’t steal food (although he might come in for a sniff).
He loves a comfortable bed but understands boundaries and can be easily taught to stay off furniture you don’t want him on.
Ninja has been left home alone for 5 hours without issue and could probably go longer but this is untested.
He is not a fan of thunderstorms but is otherwise a pretty relaxed dog.
Ninja is not an overly snuggly dog but very tolerant of his foster carer’s hugs and kisses.
Ninja has a strong prey drive and is not suitable for households with small children or small animals.
Loves human company so expect to be followed around the home by this silent assassin.
Would probably enjoy the company of another medium to large dog.

Ninja is a really lovely hound who will greet you with much enthusiasm on your return home. Especially if you agree to play with him and his toys for a few minutes!

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