Patsy & Kenny

This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Female
Age: 3 years 9 months.
Colour: White and Black
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Cat Friendly: Not tested

More Info:
If you thought Kenny was Southpark and Patsy was AbFab – you would be dead wrong.
They are the most scrummy brother and sister we have ever had, they love each other so much they even sleep together
They are never far apart, the most loving houndies ever, only 3 1/2 yrs old and never really been separated, they would love to go together to their furever home wherever that may be. They walk nicely, pull a bit at first but soon settle down. They love to go for a walk but better than anything else they love to snuggle up to you, Patsy puts her arms on your neck and just snuggles in. Have been known to take something “accidentally” off the bench but are quick to learn. Even better, they are both sitters, who would have thought….. they even raise their paw to you as they sit waiting for instructions. They are totally indifferent to other dogs but love other houndies – would they fit nicely into your home? You know you want to, fill in the form and don’t miss out on this very special pair of houndies.

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