This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Male
Age: 3 years 11 months.
Colour: Black and White
Location: North Coast, NSW

More Info:
Lonely, looking for love and cuddles?

Then why not let 3 year old Retro into your life. A big daft “Cuddle Sponge” he is never happier than when he is being cuddled or petted. Retro loves nothing more than to be scratched behind his ears, patted or just sitting up  next to you on the sofa. Truly a handsome fella, with his two different coloured eyes.

He is an enthusiastic greeter and welcomes anyone prepared to make a fuss of him. He does tend to jump up on people when excited, so small children are best supervised around him.

When not playing with the other dogs, Retro is happy to amuse himself with his toys or just lounge around.  Happy to be around small dogs, he has twice attended The Million Paws Walk. A seasoned car traveller, he will settle on the back seat after he has had enough of hanging his head from the window.

He walks well on the lead once he has overcome his excitement and settles into his walks. Food, cuddles, car rides and walks are high on his agenda. But most of all CUDDLES!! Retro lives in Krambach NSW, and is hoping for his turn to find his “Fur Ever” home.

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