RIP Summer huggy bear

Summer bear

“Beautiful Summy-Bear passed away on 4th October after fighting cancer for 7 months.

She came into our life at 5 years age, as a short term foster dog and stayed for 7 years. She started off being unsure of the world and she was scared of most things, but she grew into the most adorable, sweet, huggy bear.

She was also the ‘life of the party’ and made us laugh so much.

It upsets me to think of the 5 years she spent in the hell hole of the racing industry. She was nothing to them, just despised because she didn’t make them money.

She made up for it in our house though, and she became: a source of love, hugs, and she was the one who determined where we went for walks. She decided our schedule and where we went. You see, Summer didn’t like to do the same walks too often – she liked variety!

We rarely walked from home because she didn’t want to. We had to get in the car and drive to different places all the time so could find places she was interested in walking around. The things we do! We could go back to the same place again, but only after a period of time, otherwise she would ‘John West it’.

The older Summer got, the happier she got, the funnier she got, and the more huggy she got. Now she has gone we realised she really was the life of the party in our little family. Life really doesn’t feel the same without her. I just miss her so much.

She was so joyful and adorable and I loved the way I felt in her presence. Now I just have to focus on her funny antics, smiley face, and hugs.

I will forever be grateful to Friends of the Hound for saving this cheeky girl. She was so much more than a greyhound rescued from the vile racing industry; she was my friend and my soul-dog. She learned how to receive love and to give love. Summer loved love. She was a sunshine girl and her sunshine will always be in my heart. ”

** The picture with the flowers is about 10 days before she passed away; amongst the beautiful wild flowers of WA.

RIP Summer ❤