Shirley and Fergus

This lucky greyhound has found its forever home and is no longer available for adoption.

Gender: Male
Age: 7 years 6 months.
Colour: Black
Location: North Coast, NSW

More Info:
Fergus (aged 7) and Shirley (aged 6) have through no fault of their own, have come back into the FOTH program. They are currently in foster care with 5 other greyhounds on the mid north coast of NSW.

Over the last 18 months they have grown into beautiful house pets. They play well with the resident dogs and are little dog friendly according to their foster parents. They love going for walks, are easy on the lead and travel well in the car. They spend their day playing with the soft toys on offer, with each other and the other dogs or just chilling out. Fergus and Shirley show no food aggression and will often help each other clean their food bowls. Fergus and Shirley have been given the nickname of “tweedledee and tweedledum” due to the fact that they can usually be found together – where one goes, the other will follow. Fergus and Shirley have formed a strong bond since being in foster care and for this reason, they ideally should be adopted together. Each have their delightful quirky little personalities that will endear themselves to their new forever family. They both love human company, and enjoy lots of cuddles.

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