Sisters reunited – meet Elsie & Freda

Elsie and Freda’s adoption story.
By Peggy Naumov – Greyhound Mum

I had met rescue greyhounds at the Brisbane Ekka several years ago, all laying so relaxed on sofas in the dog exhibit. Their carers patiently told me of the plight of these beautiful, calm Greyhounds. That stayed with me, and I was always fortunate to speak to people that owned Greyhounds and every story was the same…. gentle, full of love, and usually a bit goofy.

One day I googled ‘rescue greyhounds’ and found FOTH. After filling out the application and, to be honest, not really thinking I’d hear back, I had a call from Shaunagh. Wow!, she was coming to inspect my home and, of course, check me out. She was extremely thorough but made me feel comfortable about the opportunity that I may one day rescue a Greyhound. No promises, but Shaunagh had to find me a “cat friendly greyhound“ – I certainly didn’t expect to get a phone call from Lynette within two weeks! My heart was racing as these ladies had found me a female, a fawn girl called Elsie.

I had beds, blankets, bowls and food, – even the meat loaf was in the freezer – waiting for the day Elsie and I meet and I bring her home.

I met Elsie and Phil, her foster carer, on their walk in Coolum and I couldn’t believe this beautiful girl in front of me. A fabulous fawn with a red collar and lead. She looked stunning. Phil went through a lot of information with me, including how to walk her on the lead, and then it was time for Elsie to hop in the car and we drove home together, along with a bag of soft toys from Hayley (who had tested her for cat-friendliness).

With some anxiety I opened the door into my house with Elsie on lead and muzzled – just to be on the safe side, and knew my cats were on the other side meowing as usual. A deep breath… here we go. The cats looked at Elsie and Elsie looked at them, and the cats went running to the bench to be fed as I was late getting home. Elsie just had a wander around, and the cats got on with their dinner. That’s how it’s been since the arrival of Elsie.

Elsie was quite timid and followed me everywhere. I knew this girl was so right for us. She has been the most gentle girl, and to this day is with me… wherever I am.

Elsie loved her walks around my area but would stop dead if there were vans parked or wheelie bins on the street. She wouldn’t go past either so we’d turn and go another way. She did eventually get over that and is now so relaxed, and knows when it’s time for our walks. That face gets me every day. It’s telling me ”it’s that time”. The whole neighbourhood soon got to meet Elsie and have adored her ever since.

Last September was the beautiful beginning of rescuing a greyhound.

So, moving on to February this year, Lynette told me that Elsie’s litter sister was coming in. Of course this is an amazing opportunity to rescue another greyhound, but two sisters -that’s special!

Freda, a red fawn girl, is a little smaller than Elsie. The two met, did the usual dog greeting and sniff, and from that moment on they’ve been inseparable. At first Elsie wasn’t happy sharing her favourite toys, but Freda somehow understood, and that has changed. It’s now ‘what’s yours – is mine’. It was just so easy bringing Freda into our world. She has fitted in well and also loves her walks. Big sister has shown Freda the ropes – letting me know if I’m late with dinner, or late getting out those leads – they always get their way. The most beautiful and recent game with them is chasing each other around the garden and they show such genuine love for each other. They look so happy and silly. Pure fun, and so it should be.

Elsie has taken Freda under her wing to show her the running track that’s now through the garden and Elsie is always looking to see where Freda is whether inside or outside. The girls have bonded so beautiful that they are constantly touching noses and Elsie is now happy sharing her squeaky toys with Freda.

So, the experience in rescuing an ex-racing Greyhound for me has been absolute joy.
FOTH gave me all I needed, all the help and information, and it’s an honour to own these two amazing girls.

One last thing…. within two days of having Elsie I had received phone calls from Lynette, Shaunagh, Hayley and Phil, all asking how Elsie was settling in.

Thanks to all of you and to everyone connected with the rescue of these beautiful creatures. xx