Skye’s the limit for this happy hound

Lachie and Nellie adopted Skye from FOTH and doesn’t she have a happy tale!

She has come out of her shy shell and started showing off her playful, cheeky, and slightly kooky personality. Her coat has become glossier and she is confident with both her parents. She has a range of beds and blankets as well as her choice of coats and snoods.

A happy snoot Skye is – although she actively tries to avoid eating her veggies. Her specialty is giving her parents the stink eye when she is woken up, accompanied by her signature ‘helicopter ears’ when she goes back to sleep.

She is so loved and a beautiful addition to our small family. Photos of Madame Skye are below 🥰

Thank you for all that you do at FOTH. You make such a difference in the loves of these beautiful dogs as well as make houses homes.

Thank you from Nellie and Lachie 💜