Slow Stew for Hounds

Cook this affordable, nutritious meal for your hound/s in your large slow cooker! A great recipe, particularly in this current craziness. It should feed one hound for up to one week.

(However, depending on size of your slow cooker… you may need to reduce amount of ingredients – a smaller slow cooker may only take half the ingredients).

2 whole chickens
1 bag frozen mixed veggies (or fresh)
300 to 400g pumpkin – cut into cubes
1 can crushed tomatoes (optional)
Mixed herbs
2 cups rice

Place all ingredients, except rice, in slow cooker. Add water – or stock (leaving 3cm at top).
Cook on High for 8 to 12 hours (usually overnight), then add rice, stir around, and leave for another 30 minutes before turning off and leaving sit for another hour.

Spoon food into container, or containers, removing all the bigger bones (thigh, wing) as you go.

(Don’t worry about the small chicken rib bones, as those that are left are small and soft).

You can use any meat or meaty bones – I have used meaty kangaroo bones, and then removed all of the bones. (My hounds loved it and were able to eat roo that way – but any other way often upsets their gut.)

It is an easy way to prepare food for your hounds and the nutrients in the bone broth is excellent. You can use what ever veggies you want – whatever you have at home. Chickens are affordable and, unlike beef mince, still easy to source at the moment.

I devised this recipe as it is quick and easy for time-poor people, and your dogs will love it!

Thanks Lynette 💜