Spike still needs your help 🥰

Update on our sweet boy Spike 🥰

$5000 of $11,000 has been raised thank you!

But we’d love another $6000 for this beautiful long boi.

Dig deep if you can!

Spike is still at the vet and has started his long road to recovery. The muscles in his leg are still very short and tight. He will need lots of physio to get his knee working properly. 

Spike came to Friends of the Hound in early February this year as a 10 month old puppy and he has been in foster care since that time.

Despite his name and size, Spike is proving to be the gentlest of giants, with a big appetite for cuddles and kisses.

Unfortunately, Spike was born with a grade IV medial patellar luxation and severe tibial rotational deformity, which can only be fixed through surgery.

This means he was born without the normal groove in the front of his femur (thigh bone), meaning his patella (kneecap) is displaced to the inside of his leg, and his tibia (shin bone) has grown at the wrong angle.

Poor, dear Spike was living with pain and discomfort every day.

His gait was altered and he was unable to properly weight bear on his leg, so his muscles were atrophied and at times he would slip over.

Dr Richard from North Coast Veterinary Specialist has performed tibial deformity correction and patellar groove replacement surgery to reverse Spike’s deformity and allow him to live a normal life.

This was expensive but essential surgery so this gentle youngster can be pain free and have the quality of life he deserves.

If you are able to donate towards Spike’s surgery and rehab please see our bank details below or follow link to donate through our website.

BSB 012745
Account 370218402
Reference: Spike

Thank you!